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7 Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Removal Company

What is Important to You When Hiring a Removal Company?

Your belongings are valuable. Although moving to a new house is a big undertaking, with loads of things to sort out, the care of your furniture is sometimes neglected.

Maybe you just ring the nearest removal company, or maybe you go for the cheapest around. That is understandable – but you may be setting yourself up for trouble. It really is worthwhile looking around and getting the right removal companies.


A Checklist to Help Weed Out the Rogues


1. Does the Company Have a Good Name?

Before hiring a Removal Company you have to consider on some facts. How long has it been in business? Are there any testimonials or do they star in forums? And note that comparison sites are paid for by the companies whose names are compared, so part of their profit goes into this subtle form of advertising. Are they a tad secretive when you ask questions.? Do they try to fob you off with cheerful promises, but no proofs?

2. Is the Company a Professional Removals Company?

Having trucks is only a part of the business. The vehicles need to be well maintained, clean and suitable for your load. Beware the canvas van – perfect for damaging your furniture as the base isn’t solid enough to withstand the potholes and rough spots on the roads.


3. Moving Abroad

If you are moving abroad this entails a whole host of additional requirements. You should ask if they have offices or staff at the destination country – are they familiar with customs clearance? In fact, clearing customs can be a big issue, so not only do your own research, but check that your removal company know what it’s doing. Do they have documents to prove it? Can they offer advice for you?

4. Insurance

Reliable removal companies have good insurance firmly in place. You may need to top it up if you have especially valuable belongings – but they will explain exactly what cover will be in place so you can make an informed decision. When hiring a removal company as Removals Company Watford, you should get in touch with your own contents insurance company. Sod’s Law says that if you do, there will no problem – but if you don’t….

5. Packing Materials

An odd assortment of battered boxes doesn’t inspire confidence. Recycling is great but you need to be sure the packing materials are clean and robust.


6. Contract

You need this because if things go wrong you will have no backup without it. When hiring a Removal Company, a good company will automatically agree terms with you and it will be written down. No contract means no business!


7. Uniforms

When staff wear uniforms, it shows that they are professionals not just hired for the day. You can feel more confident if smart removals men arrive, on time and with clean vans, they are much more likely to know what they are doing. And if they take a pride in their appearance then they are more likely to take a pride in doing the job well.

Final Thoughts

So, if a canvas van turns up, with cheerful, scruffy looking men, and if they unload an assortment of battered boxes, have no contract bar perhaps a hand shake – you know what to do? (Run)

It can be surprising how trustful people are with their belongings – which can have great value to them. So, for a trustworthy company as your local removals company in Watford you have to do at least some research before you decide to entrust them with everything you own.