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Watford Furniture Assembly Service

What do you do if your furniture won’t get through the door and you are moving house? Or maybe the office tables are just too big?
Why! You call Removals Watford Furniture Assembly team.

When it’s Just Too Big

When you move house you suddenly notice that this door is rather narrow – or that chair is rather wide. Perhaps you are perplexed as to how to get the wardrobe down the stairs when there is that sharp bend half way down?

There are any number of places where you need the skills of an experienced removal team – and sometimes even then, they realise that there is no way that chair will get through this door or the wardrobe down the stairs.

And if they did make the attempt, the chances of damaging our furniture are high, and they would probably gouge holes in the plaster or the floors. We just don’t do that!

The Solution

Dismantle the furniture! Our group of experts at Furniture Assembly team in Watford can do that for you safely, as they have all come across every kind of furniture in their work. And they will get your things safely out without damaging them, or your walls, or floors, or ceilings.

Still a Problem?

Yes! The furniture arrives at your destination in pieces, undamaged pieces it is true, but none the less in no fit state to be used.
Don’t worry. Our Watford Furniture Assembly team will reassemble your furniture perfectly – and rapidly. We have the tools we need to hand and we understand how furniture is put together. You will not know it arrived in pieces!

Watford Furniture Assembly Service

We at Removals Company Watford aim to give you’re the very best service. That means we will do everything necessary to transport your goods undamaged and safely to your destination. When we arrive, you can tell us exactly where you want us to assemble your furniture, so it will be in place before we leave, ready for use. You can then hang up your clothes – and relax in your favourite (large) chair.
Just give us a ring and we can discuss your awkward furniture or difficult access.