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Removals Watford is your local company which offers a comprehensive removals service. Our aim is to give you the best removal experience you could imagine.

There are advantages in choosing a local company for your move:

Removals Watford – Local Knowledge

We know the routes the short cuts and the all-important parking, plus any new restrictions which may have been put in place. Our drivers at Removals Watford team are aware of any local road works and when the “school run” takes place as they are local people in Watford.


Because we are close to you we pay less to travel to your house or officer – and we can pass on this reduced fee to you, which saves you a little money. Removal Watford fees are very affordable, and compare favourably with other removal companies. We believe in giving great value for money.


Slawomir Wilisowski


Slawomir is a senior driver. His job is to transport your belongings safely. He needs to know the routes and the best shortcuts to use. And as he has been with us for over 7 years, he really does know his way around. Not only that, but if you are moving any distance – including overseas, Slawomir has the knowledge and skill to make the journey in good time and without problems. In addition, he always tries to be on time. This saves you some worry at the very start of the move.

Mateusz Kusaj

Packing Specialist

Mateusz plays a major role in our business. He is responsible for the quality of all our work. The buck stops with Mateusz! He decides the work schedule and the tasks for each person, and he knows the business inside out – but also, Mateusz knows the staff, and their particular strengths. This means he can match the work to the most appropriate person – and increase our efficiency. He is very loyal to the company and always strives to give 110% to his job.

Mariusz Walerczuk

Removal Specialist

Mariusz has been with the company ever since we started the business. He has a great deal of experience which is put to good use. He is a removals specialist and knows the ins and outs of how to do the job well. Part of his work is to ensure your removal process runs smoothly. He has to iron out any hitches before they occur. You need someone like Mariusz for that! Mariusz knows all about moving the bulky, heavy items without damaging them – and also the fragile things that have value to you. He will make sure they arrive at your destination undamaged by the journey.

Pawel Walerczuk

Customer Service Officer

Pawel is our customer service manager. As we put customers top of our priorities, his job is very important for the company. We depend upon him for our good name. His duty is to respond to customers with courtesy and also to be able to answer questions. Luckily, that is easy for him as he has years of experience in the removal industry. With Pawel’s naturally friendly disposition and wide knowledge of removals, he is the ideal person to look after our customers. We feel happy that he is in our team at Watford Removals.

Why We Are Different and Better

Best Packing Service

We take great care of your belongings. Before we take them anywhere, we make sure they are well packed, we pack them efficiently and in a manner to protect even the most fragile objects.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Watford Removals believe that we should protect our environment. We buy all our packing materials at an Eco-friendly supplier. We also maintain our vehicles to a high standard to reduce carbon emissions.  

High Security

We look after your belongings. Our storage facilities our secure. We have installed CCTV and have made access secure with strong locks and high fences. You will have your own personal code for extra security.

Own Resources

No one wants to rely on other people for essential tools and equipment. For example: We own our vehicles, which means we can maintain them to a high standard and rely on them at all times.

Why Choose the Removals Watford Team?

Our Crew

Our crews at Removals Company Watford are experienced and knowledgeable. They wear a uniform, so that you can be sure that they are not just employed for the day, when they might never have lifted a chest of drawers before. Removals Watford team men know what they are doing, and will have practical solutions to problems, which might be new to you but which they have probably solved before. And they also carry identification cards for your peace of mind. You know that you can rely on them to look after your belongings as if they were their own.

Our Vehicles

Our drivers are responsible for their vehicles which we own ourselves. They keep their vans clean and in tip top condition. They do this partly for their own safety and also because they are keen to look after your belongings in a professional manner.

Our Company – Removals Watford

We strive to give you a great removal service. We are Eco-friendly, so we buy our packing materials and also our vehicles with this in mind. Our company is fully insured, as are our vehicles, so you can be sure that your goods are protected.
So, give us call and choose Removals Watford team for a better experience of moving.