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Watford Piano Removals

Only an expert should move a piano! Our professional team of Watford Piano Removals experts have the skills and know how to do this properly, without damaging your piano.

Your Piano is Valuable

We take great care of your piano because it is often one of the most valuable and loved possessions you own. Whether you want to move it down the road, to a concert venue or overseas, our Piano Removals team in Watford have the right equipment to move your piano safely. And, we will arrive on time to save you worrying.


In fact, safety is our main concern when we move a piano. We have to consider the safety of the piano but also the well-being of the removal men. So, we have to make certain we have enough men available to make the move without damage to themselves or the piano. Your local Piano Removals team at Removals Company Watford really is an expert team.

For health and safety reasons a man is not expected to lift over 100 lbs – and since a concert grand can weigh in at over 1000 lbs, that means a lot of men. Even the old upright can be surprisingly heavy and awkward to shift.

Watford Piano Removals Team Experience

Nothing tells as much as experience – and we have it. For many years we have been moving pianos successfully around the world. We have the special equipment needed – wide dollies, straps, padding and the right vehicles.
You may help if you tuck away the stand and close the lid and lock the piano. Keep the key handy, though.


Protection goes beyond the piano and the men. Additionally, the premises also need us to protect them from damage. We have the materials to do this. You will find that your carpets and floors will be left as they were before the move.
If you need to store your piano our secure warehouses have CCTV coverage and secured access. In fact, we have warehouses around the world. In addition, we are insured against accidental damage though you might want to check that our insurance is sufficient for your needs.
Please feel free to contact us to arrange for a free assessment.