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Cassio Road Watford

Your friendly local removals company Watford Removals likes to keep up with the local news. This is especially true when considering our immediate vicinity. Watford Removals is based on Cassio Road Watford, along with a number of other local businesses. When changes are made to our area, we like to know about them – and we also like to keep you informed about what’s happening in our community. This guide includes local news from Cassio Road.

Street Improvements on Cassio Road Watford

Watford Borough Council recently injected community funding into the Cassio Road area. This allowed local residents and businesses to transform the area. It has taken two years to complete, but Cassio Road is now fully refurbished. The work has also brought the community together. ‘Love Your Community’ was the key theme of the urban renovation project.

Aims of the Cassio Road Watford regeneration:

The end of the project was marked with a big community event. 250 local people joined Mayor Peter Taylor at the Al Zahra Centre in May 2018 in order to celebrate the street’s refurbishment. Local companies took part, including Watford Removals, and also local charities and organisations.

“This is a wonderful event celebrating the culmination of a long project,” said Mayor Taylor at the community event. “It’s fantastic to see first-hand these improvements.” Find more information about the Cassio Road project online at

Cleaning Up Cassio Road Watford

Fly tipping in Cassio Road has reduced by 75% since 2016. This is because of the efforts of the Cassio Road project. The project worked with the Hertfordshire Flytipping Group to raise awareness of flytipping and also to encourage responsible waste disposal. The street is much cleaner as a result.

Volunteers also work to keep Cassio Road clean by picking up litter. Members of the community meet to collect rubbish and throw it away safely. Local schools have also produced posters reminding people not to drop litter. These efforts have transformed Cassio Road completely. The street now looks clean and tidy.

Watford Removals is proud to support the Cassio Road Watford initiative. We have pledged to recycle packaging materials wherever possible. We also provide removal and man and van services to help residents remove rubbish. By supporting our community with our great service, we can help to keep Cassio Road clean.

Mayor Peter Taylor says, “I hope Cassio Road residents continue to be really proud of their area.”

Contact Cassio Road’s Local Movers

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