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Watford Mental Health Network

Watford is home to specialist mental health services which support local residents while they are in crisis, or during their recovery. Local health authorities, charities and private services all work together to look after mental health in the local area. The Watford mental health network is available to any resident experiencing mental health issues. Referrals are available via your personal GP, or you can also contact local services directly.

The Watford Mental Health Network

The mental health charity Mind is extremely active in Watford so patients have access to plenty of support. Because mental health is complex and varied, there are many different routes you can get help through. This includes emergency care, overnight stays, and also long term care. You can also access outpatient services, including group and individual therapies.

Mind works with the local NHS. Patients already under the care of local mental health trusts can still access
support through Mind. New patients can also get the help they need.

Hertfordshire NightLight Mental Health Crisis Service

The NightLight service is available outside of normal healthcare hours. Mental health emergencies do not always occur at a convenient time, while day services tend to close at 5pm. If you or a loved one needs help, NightLight is available between 7pm and 2am on weekends (including Friday and Monday).  You can call 01923 256 391 to access trained counsellors and experienced mental health care workers.

NightLight has a dedicated crisis centre which is located in Watford. The centre has beds available for emergency admissions. Patients will be offered telephone support and additional counselling if there are not enough beds. In addition to this, NightLight may make a referral to other mental health services.

The families of patients can also make use of the NightLight service. If you are worried about a loved one, call for helpful, confidential advice. Make a self-referral or request a referral. The Watford mental health network will provide a tailored treatment plan. The plan may include outpatient care so recovery can continue. You should always attend follow-up appointments.

Watford Removals Supports the Watford Mental Health Network

All of the Watford community benefits from great mental health services. Watford Removals is proud to operate in a community that supports its members and takes great care of local residents. Mental health can be greatly affected by where you live. Moving into a lovely new home can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing, so trust Watford Removals to give you a stress-free and easy moving experience.

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